A little about me. 

Hi! I'm a guy with twenty six years of age who lives in Sweden, was born in Croatia and have maintained my long-standing passion for computer programming since the age of ten. To this day, i regularly work on programming projects, all from games to apps and bots. When I am not programming, I delight in spending my time with friends or working out at the gym. Another curiosity which piques my interest is playing computerised video games in such fascinating and broad genres as Strategy, Role Play, Massive Multiplayer Online Games and Shooter style video games.

Besides my programming hobby, I also hold a keen interest in the latest developments in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Photography, Human Medicine, Brain Computer Interfaces and Virtual Reality Systems.

Music Genres Nightcore, House, Dubstep, Reggie, Speedcore, Electro, D&B, Pop.

Movie Genres Sci-fi, Romance, Action, Horror, Comedy

Anime Genres Action, Drama, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy, Ecchi, Adventure, Romance